Zooba Mod Apk v4.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

Zooba Mod Apk v4.2.2 (Unlimited Money)

7+ (1.15M)Action, Apps

App Information of Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Game

App Name Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Game vv4.2.2
Genre Action, Apps
Size122.82 MB
Latest Versionv4.2.2
Get it On Google Play
Package Namecom.wildlife.games.battle.royale.free.zooba&hl=en
Rating 7+ ( 1.15M )

Description of Zooba: Zoo Battle Royale Game

Zooba Mod Apk v4.2.2 (Unlimited Money)is an action game and it top rated app on the internet. This game has zoo animals as a character which you can choose whatever you want. Every single character has special moves and abilities which you can also upgrade by the time. Action and adventure game with so much fun. Fight in battle royale survival adventure and defeat your opponents in matches. The optimization is best which means you can play this game on your any smart device. You can play it with your friends and other players around the world. Features are pretty good in this game.


In the game, players will join a group of interesting zoo animals as they plan their great escapes to take down the guards and challenge each other in awesome brawls. Find yourself playing as all kinds of interesting animals, from a monkey, a tiger, to even a giraffe or gorilla. Enjoy the unique battles with each character as you freely customize them with interesting costumes.

Moreover, the game also features multiple battlefields with varied setups for you to enjoy. Find yourself picking up the epic weapons and challenge others in awesome animal fun feasts in Zooba. Explore more interesting gameplay as you enjoy the game.

With the trendy Battle Royale gameplay, you’ll have the chance to join with others gamers in exciting multiplayer battles where you’ll fight to be the last one standing. Collect multiple items and weapons along the way to fight your way to victory. Stay away from the fire ring as it slowly approaches you.

What is ZoobaMod Apk?

Battle royale games are so popular nowadays that its hard to ignore them. We have games such as Fortnite and PUBG going strong despite being in existence for several years now. We’re also seeing more and more FPS games incorporate the battle royale feature as one of their game modes. If you are a fan of battle royale, then this one’s for you!

About Zooba Mod Apk

In the game, players will join a group of interesting zoo animals as they plan their great escapes to take down the guards and challenge each other in awesome brawls. Find yourself playing as all kinds of interesting animals, from a monkey, a tiger, to even a giraffe or gorilla. Enjoy the unique battles with each character as you freely customize them with interesting costumes.

Explore the fun and satisfying combats as you play as the different animals with interesting looks and expressions. Pick up a variety of different available weapons to take down your enemies. And compete with friends and online gamers in exciting PvP challenges.

Zooba Mod Apkis a turning point for modern games today. With the perfect combination of MOBA and survival genre, Zooba takes you into an exciting animal world with survival battles to find out who is the King of the zoo.

At the beginning of the game, you will be given a character that you feel is suitable with the corresponding description. Once completed, you will begin experiencing your tutorial level by collecting the related items and defeating the enemies in front of you. You will observe the character from a comprehensive perspective and quickly orient the weapon to attack the enemy. At the same time, the number of characters participating in the actual game screen is average because the game’s pace is usually quite fast.

Benefits of playing Zooba using Mod Apk

There are several benefits of playing games such as Zooba with Zooba Mod Apk.One big con that many people run into when playing games like this one is that they can never get a chance to catch up. This is because players who were able to purchase in-game currency early on are winning all of the matches and getting all of the upgrades.

Top Features

1. Choose from over 20 fun characters, from Nix the crafty fox to Pepper the doubtful giraffe, with more being added to the game all the time!
2. Battle against 45 other players across multiple game modes
3. Upgrade your character and items
4. Climb through the ranks to earn amazing free prizes
5. Zoo VIP filled with rewards
6. And much more!

Zooba Mod Apk Amazing Features

Zooba Mod Apk offers a wide range of features that gives a delightful worthwhile user experience. Some of the remarkable benefits that will enhance your gaming experience like additional daily missions, multiple awards per season, 2x coins earning per fight, and many more. Moreover, it’s a fully secure, virus-free game, and you won’t need any rooting while installing it.

Zooba Mod Apk

Win Prizes and Upgrade your Characters

Each time you win battles, challenges or missions, you get fantastic prizes. You can use them to upgrade your characters which are mostly animals. It will help them become more powerful and defeat their enemies in multiplayer battles. Animals are an essential part of your army, so keep them upgraded.

Enjoy the Recreated version of the magic of zoo

A few of the vital things you should have to know while playing Zooba – In such a competitive gaming environment, it is extremely tough to level up character skills and new animal characters. Often, many users complain they usually get matches where character/ players are way above their competency level. However, most people to become a competent player usually spend a hefty amount of real money to buy a skill set, characters, weapons, and upgrading many gaming features.

But if you are having any money issues and don’t want to waste your hard-earned money in the Android games, then you come to the exact right place, since here you will get the Zooba MOD APK. After installing this Mod APK, you can enjoy the richness of unlimited character, unlimited money, infinite gems, and many more premium benefits. Now your enemy can’t hide anywhere even you can shoot them underwater.

Collect Weapons

On the battlefield, you can collect new and more powerful weapons. Pressure your opponents with new guns that have a high level of damage. Guards are also one of the objects you need to pay attention to, do not collide with them if possible. Each weapon has different characteristics, before choosing to take a closer look. Each character’s fitness is the same, the difference lies in their weapons.

Super Graphics

The graphical quality of its free iPhone title and has specifically improved its iPhone version of the popular multiplayer online battle arena. However, while the new graphics quality is visually enhanced, the improved gameplay and features do not make up for the loss of Facebook’s unique social networking and communication features. There is no doubt that Facebook enjoyed the huge popularity it experienced when it first introduced the application to the mobile gaming world, but its tentacles spread far beyond the iPhone and into other platforms such as Android.

All Maps

Finding out the information of other opponents on the map will also help you gain many advantages in the encounter with them. In addition, Zooba still has a safety circle built to help all players get closer together after a specified time period. The safety circle will be expressed in the form of wildfires that will slowly drain blood until you reach the safe area. So the map is a pretty cool highlight that a game should have.

Zooba Mod Apk

Discover Your Inner Beast

Braw with over 20 fun and unique characters, each with distinct strengths, weaknesses and special abilities.

Cute gunner

The animals you often see in the zoo such as wolves, lions, giraffes, and rabbits with the image of a warrior present at Zooba. In addition to appearance, each animal has its own name to distinguish, Duke, Fuzzy, Bruce, they all have a common feature of being short and easy to remember. Animal wars have never been as vividly shown as Zooba. Instead of fighting based on instinct, each animal was armed with weapons. Choose one of the characters you like and start the fight right away.

Switch between the characters

The iPhone version of the Battle royale game has some interesting features. One of them is the option to switch between different characters that include Jack the Ripper, Tiny Tiger, Nurse, and The Bride. The changeover can be done by tapping on the portrait of one of the characters. While the switch between characters is a nice touch, the overall level of the game is not as challenging as the one found in the Android application version of the game, which is probably a result of the fact that the iPhone and Android devices have different graphics requirements.

The best thing about Zooba Apk and its competitors is that the free version of the game has excellent controls, which make the game much more enjoyable to play. Furthermore, users can use their default apps such as the dictionary and the calculator while engaging in the combat battle royale games on their devices. In the future, it is expected that mobile communication apps will become more like the ones already present on smartphones, which will allow users to interact with their devices in other ways.

Evolve And Cuscomize

Upgrade your characters, unlock dozens of items to fit your play style, and impress your competition with dozens of fun skins and hundreds of fun emotes. Game on!


When you complete some levels of Zooba, you will receive some pieces of the characters. These pieces help you level up them to improve their strength and health to join the fight longer with support items. At the same time, another interesting point that you will not ignore is that the player will gradually unlock the characters in the game. Each character is inspired by an animal and has a cute appearance.

These animals have attractive looks and accompanying properties that you will take the time to discover. At the same time, after owning a character, you will continue the journey to unlock the potential it possesses to increase your win rate. Each character has its exciting characteristics that you can easily see in battles, along with impressive costumes that you can collect.

Many Game Modes to Explore

This game offers a variety of game modes, each with its distinct objectives. They include:

  • Solo (Lite or Full). This mode challenges you to compete for your score. It is a free-for-all mode where your only goal is to overcome all the difficulties & adversaries and emerge victorious.
  • Team (Duo or Trio). This mode is perfect for those who want to play with friends or family. You will have to work together and defeat the other teams to win. Pick your teammates wisely to ensure you have a good balance of skills and abilities.
  • Squads/ Big Team. This is a more intense version of team mode. You will have five other squad members to help you in the battle. Work together and utilize each player’s unique abilities to win.
  • This mode is all about survival. It is a fast-paced mode where you must use your reflexes and skills to win. The team with the most kills at the end of the match will be declared victorious.


  • Choose from over 20 entertaining characters, ranging from Nix the cunning fox to Pepper the skeptic giraffe, with new characters being introduced to the game on a regular basis. Make improvements to your character and stuff.
  • Compete against up to 45 other people across a variety of game styles
  • Ascend the ranks and get incredible free gifts as you go.
  • Climb the leaderboards, do interesting quests, and gather fantastic prizes to get to the top of the food chain season after season.
  • In multiplayer game types, you may invite your friends to participate with you. The greater the number, the better!
  • Upgrade your characters, unlock dozens of equipment to suit your play style, and wow your opponents with dozens of unique skins and hundreds of unique emote to make a lasting impression. It’s time to play!
  • Play with more than 20 entertaining and diverse characters, each with their own set of strengths, weaknesses, and special powers.

Advantages Of Zooba MOD APK

  • More than 20 cool characters are available to choose like Nix the crafty fox, and more.
  • Play multiplayer mode and battle against other players.
  • Stunning 3D graphics quality.
  • A variety of beautiful skins is available.
  • Simple controls.
  • Upgrade your characters and other equipment.
  • Defeat your opponents and win amazing prizes.

Download Zooba for an excellent free online multiplayer battle royale sport expertise, whether or not you’re a newbie or novice survival battle royale game fan! Zooba provides enjoyable survival play modes and limitless hours of free multiplayer pleasure. Zooba is a web-based survival journey sport that provides motion, distinctive gameplay, and superior free multiplayer survival journey expertise!

Jump right in and play this fun battle royale game!!
DISCLAIMER: No animals were harmed in the making of this game.

What are the benefits of playing Zooba using MOD APK

There are several benefits of playing games such as Zooba with Zooba MOD APK. One big con that many people run into when playing games like this one is that they can never get a chance to catch up. This is because players who could purchase in-game currency early on are winning all the matches and getting all the upgrades.

You won’t have to worry about having to wait many hours or spend real money to gain more energy if you play using hacked apk files, so you may keep playing the game for as long as you like. As a result, you’ll be able to select any animals and begin playing immediately.

How to play Zooba

In Zooba, this game will allow players to choose for themselves true warriors through images of extremely familiar animals. Such as lions, buffaloes, dogs, cats, bears, tigers, to accompany during the game experience. Remember that each animal possesses a completely different activation skill. Here, you need to control the character to move continuously and search for the necessary equipment. Such as guns, armor, and ambulance equipment to help you survive as long as possible.

The time to appear safety loops will be visually displayed on the experience screen. So you need to pay close attention to control your character in the most reasonable way possible. If you stand outside the safety circle for too long, your character will be bleeding continuously to death.

How to download and install Zooba Mod APK

To download Zooba mod from Apkmodfix.com

You need to enable the “Unknown Sources” option.

1. Click the Download button at the top of the page to download the Zooba MOD APK.

2. Save the file in your device’s download folder.

3. Now click on the downloaded Zooba file to install it and wait for the installation to complete.

4. Once it is done, open the game and start playing immediately.

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By the way, Zooba Mod Apk is a game with excellent graphics, unlimited gems/diamond/token, Menu mod, Show Enemies, unlocked all characters, and much more. This Mod Apk is a free game with many other features. If you download it, you can see how much better it is. And yes, if you find our content useful and helpful for you, Please you should share it with your friends and family. See you soon. Take care of yourself and your family.

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